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Bus Rules

  • RESPECT – We treat all bus drivers, sub bus drivers, and others on the bus with respect. This includes following the directions of all bus drivers and not arguing with them.

  • SIT SAFELY – Stay seated at all times in your assigned seat. Stay out of the aisle and don’t switch seats.


  • VOICE LEVEL – We talk at a 1-2 voice level. When it gets too loud, it is distracting to the bus driver and bothers other students.


  • CELL PHONES – We do not use our cell phones or take pictures on the bus.


  • EATING – There is no eating on the bus. Water only.


  • KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF – No touching others, reaching over the seat, or taking other’s personal items.


  • LANGUAGE – We use kind words. No Swearing, vulgarity, or name-calling.


  • ITEMS ON BUS – All items on the bus are safe. No weapons, vape devices, vaping, laser pointers, lighters, etc.


  • PATIENCE – We wait on the curb for our bus. No pushing, shoving, or going into the bus lane.

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