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Hawk Eyes

Calling all “Hawk Eyes” - We want you on the playground at Stillwater! 


The Hawk Eye program is a way to get more “eyes” at recess looking out for our students, to ensure they are safe, respectful, responsible leaders. Hawk Eye volunteers provide extra supervision and role modeling during recess time on the playground. 


Volunteering and spending time with students at recess is a great way to provide extra support so students can have a fun break and can later focus on their learning. We believe that the more positive role models we can provide, the better! 


If you are interested in becoming a “Hawk Eye”: 

  • Become an approved volunteer through the district. Each volunteer must have a completed district volunteer form on file and be cleared to participate prior to volunteering. CLICK HERE to get your application started! 


  • Sign up for your dates! CLICK HERE to view the SignUp Genius and pick your date. The time is for lunch recess and lunch. You’re welcome to eat lunch with your student. If your child is in 2nd or 3rd grade and you'd like to have lunch with them, this will extend your volunteer time until 1:15 p.m.


  • Come be a Hawk Eye! Check in at the Stillwater office on the day for which you signed up. You’ll be greeted and given instructions as to where you will be supporting students in your Hawk Eye role. Then, it’s out to recess! 


It’s as simple as that. 


We hope to see you on the playground soon!

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